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School Management Information System: An Effective Tool for Augumenting the School Practices Abstract The technological advancements have influenced the society so as to take a leap towards success. Every technological reform is a small step towards advancement and progress of mankind. Developments in information technologies have also been impacting upon educational organizations. The introduction of technology in schools can thus result in a decreased use of paper and in bringing most of the school office work in an e-format.
Thus, the schools should employ management information systems to improve the efficiency of administrative services. A school management information system (SMIS) is a system or process that provides the information necessary to manage a school effectively. They provide an objective system for recording and aggregating information and supports the institution’s strategic goals and direction.
The administrative processes and the official procedures of school can be simplified by the means of management information systems. School records, the information about all the students, teachers and other school employees can efficiently be maintained by means of school management information systems. On the similar lines, the time-table and attendance records of the pupils and teachers can be maintained by means of time-table and attendance management system respectively. Further, the management information systems can effectively maintain the data pertaining to examination, financial issues; facilities and assets management of the institutions. To sum up, school management information systems not only eases the office work but also ensures the efficient functioning of the schools. It makes possible, a more effective way of storage and distribution of information. Therefore, realization of the importance of management information systems in schools and its successful implementation is a necessity. There is a dire need to employ such systems to bring qualitative improvement in the prevalent educational practices. Key words: information technology, school management information system.


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