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All exam results affect one’s future but they don’t decide it. People feel, Person only decide own future, by doing or not doing something about it.

Lets say someone fails in an exam. The reason can be anything as given in question details: it may not be the their day, even after studying throughout the year, only those questions are asked which were not read/prepared for, or an accident or illness. This only decides the result of THAT exam. What you do after that, is decided by you only.

All you need to do is to learn from what went wrong and correct it next time. If someone is failing again and again, they should do some serious introspection and find out if the path they are following is correct or not. Sometimes we try to copy others e.g. all my friends are doing engineering, let me also do it. That should not be done.

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From my observation, Exam results only matter up to a certain time. My school exam results mattered till I entered college. My college exam results mattered till I got placed in a company. Now the thing that matters is, what I do in my job, not my marks.

Now to answer, what is the alternative ?
The alternatives are many, and some or may be all of them might be getting implemented already. For example

1. Change the grading system.
2. Instead of testing the knowledge in one 3 hour exam, implement methods which test the potential at regular intervals.
3. Instead of studying only to get passed, study for excellence.

and the most important
4. Don’t let an exam decide your future. If you fall, rise again, and keep moving towards your goal until you achieve it.

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